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Do your results support the hypothesis that plant leaves contain various photosynthetic pigments? Yes. Four pigments were separated out of the spinach leaves: Carotene, Xanthophyll, Chlorophyll a, and Chlorophyll b. The solvents used are petroleum ether and acetone, which are nonpolar. Dec 03, 2019 · Table I shows the results of the calculation according to Eq. 2 for the different surfaces prepared. A continuous increase in the number of hydroxyl groups for surfaces treated without was observed, but for the surfaces treated with SPFM and SE, there was an initial increase in the number of groups followed by a decrease at higher incubation times. Melanin is frequently considered just an animal cutaneous pigment and is treated separately from similar fungal or bacterial pigments. Similarities concerning the phenol precursors and common patterns in the formation routes are discussed.Paper Chromatography Results and Conclusions: 1. Formulate a h y po t h e s i s that 1) addresses the question as to whether plants contain pigments other than those that are green in color and 2) that can be answered experimentally with paper chromatography.